6 Tips To Increase Your Homestay Bookings

6 Tips To Increase Your Homestay Bookings


Your homestay should be interesting and make the guest feels excited to stay at your homestay.

We have come up with some tips to help you homestay owners to fill up your homestays and perhaps increase your sales.

1) Your homestay should have a theme

First of all, you can compare between house with a theme and without a theme, which one will be book first. Obviously the one with the theme. The theme that being mention here is you can choose what or how you want to design your homestay to make it look attractive. You can decide either you want to make it as modern contemporary theme, classic theme, english garden theme, or romantic theme, its your choice.


2) Maintanance and Cleanliness

Cleanliness and maintenance is two major thing that you should do to make your homestay high rated and always on demand. Is it because with a messy or unorganized homestay, it will be the last time those guest will stay at there. A nice homestay they will always make sure that their homestay clean and all the facilities that provided works well. Guest will gets annoyed if all the facilites that are given its all not working. So make sure that you always clean up your homestay and do a regular check up to your homestay. This could reduce the probability of guests complaining about that faulty air-con too and travellers would love to return to a well-maintained homestay. Always.


3) Get a good picture of your homestay

Having good photos of your homestay is the biggest asset to a successful homestay business. Good photos help in making a great first impression to the travellers when they make their booking.

Here is the list of recommended area that you can take:

  • 2 photos of the exterior of your homestay
  • 1 photo of the living room
  • 1 photo of the kitchen
  • 1 photo of each room
  • 1 photo of each bathroom
  • Bonus: 2-3 photos of the common area, garden, parking space, swimming pool


4) Providing necessary amenities

These days, we can easily find homestays living up to the level of hotels and sometimes, even better. We have come to realise that many homestays are beginning to provide basic amenities such as bath towel, shampoo, body gel etc. Such detailed and thoughtful preparation would somehow make a difference in your sales where besides comparing rates, the next thing a traveller do is comparing the amenities offered by the homestays before making their choices.

Other amenities worth considering and investing are bbq equipment, iron board, hairdryer, cooking facilities and of course, air-con in every room.


5) Promote on Social Media

The rising time of innovation makes it simpler for us to advance our business on the web and the easiest and cheapest way is to tackle down the social media aspect. Creating a page or account for your homestay is easy and what’s more important is that you can create as many pages as you need for free. You are basically building a platform for all your future online marketing plans at zero cost. Furthermore, it’s easier to get in touch with potential guests via social media especially when the platform offers messaging feature because once again, exchanging messages on social media is usually free. Not forget, sharing and posting images of your homestay are free too.